G21 Perfect Juicer


Vertical slow juicer

Vertical slow juicer G21 Perfect Juicer is a great tool for extracting delicious and healthy juices from fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is a valuable help for your household and thanks to its quality workmanship and durable construction it is also suitable for use in cafes, restaurants or fitness centers. Wherever you decide to use it, Perfect Juicer will help you get 100% natural juice from your fruits and vegetables with high content of all the important enzymes and nutrients.


Conservation of natural nutrients

Perfect Juicer belongs to the category of slow (worm) juicers that are exceptionally suitable for preservation of all mineral and nutritional substances contained in the juice. This is a result of juicing at low speeds, where there is no heat and circulation of warm air. Conventional centrifugal juicers use high speed and create a lot of heat which causes loss of nutritional value and beneficial substances in the food.

More juice and pulp

Unlike conventional centrifugal juicers that operate on the principle of chopping, G21 Perfect Juicer extracts juice by pressing. Thanks to this fact you can extract up to 50% more juice in even less time. The juice obtained in this way is also more resistant to oxidation and thus stays fresh much longer.

Vegetables and fruits contain fiber which is very beneficial for our body as it promotes normal bowel function. Juices extracted using Perfect Juicer remain a high fiber content and for this reason is Perfect Juicer also a great help for healthy weight loss. Fruit juices with high content of fiber will also keep you satiated for a long time, they taste very good due to the natural sugar contained in the fruit and are also very beneficial to the body as they deliver high amounts of vitamins and nutrients. According to your own preference, you can extract juices with lots of pulp using a coarse strainer or drinks with less pulp using a fine strainer.

Easy operation and maintenance

Perfect Juicer was designed for easy operation and low-maintenance. You will be able to assemble the product within a few seconds the same goes for its cleaning.

Perfect Juicer is equipped with a safety lock that ensures safer handling, so in the case of overload the device turns off automatically. In such case simply turn on reverse operation and the machine will be ready for use again.

Perfect Juicer was designed for continuous use for up to 20 minutes. Its construction makes it perfect for juicing higher amounts of softer fruits and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, bananas, berries etc. It can easily handle also leafy vegetables, herbs, nuts and harder fruits and vegetables such as beets and carrots, but if these will be your primary ingredients for juicing, we strongly recommend looking at our more suitable G21 Gourmet and G21 Chamber models.


  • Auger orientation: vertical
  • RPM: 80
  • Top opening dimensions: 6 x 3,5 cm
  • Color: white
  • BPA free materials