G21 Chamber


Professional adjustable horizontal slow juicer

Juicer G21 Chamber horizontal is a multifunctional tool designed primarily for extraction of fruit and vegetable juices with the aim to preserve all beneficial nutrients while maximizing the amount of extracted juice. The biggest advantage of making your own juices at home is your full control over the juice content. When fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content are used in combination with the right juicer, you will get the best tasting juice which will provide your body with the highest quality nutrition.


G21 Chamber is equipped with the Optimal Seal System that ensures the best possible juice extraction from both soft and hard ingredients. Using the dedicated lever, you can determine the hardness of the used ingredients and the juicer will set the correct auger pressure. This will result into more extracted juice and less wear of the juicer which will extent the juicer’s service life.


The main difference if compared to our vertical model G21 Perfect Juicer is that the horizontal G21 Chamber extracts perfectly clean juice without pulp. Thanks to its construction, G21 Chamber is also able to process hard materials better and therefore is the best choice if you are planning to juice bigger amounts of hard ingredients such as root vegetables like carrots, beets etc.

G21 Chamber is suitable for RAW food enthusiasts, but it will also be a great tool for everyone interested in healthy life style. It is made of 100% BPA free materials. Assembly and cleaning are both very easy and will only take a short while.

G21 Chamber is suitable for hard and soft fruits and vegetables, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, berries, cereal grass, herbs and many more.



  • Auger orientation: horizontal
  • RPM: 75
  • Power: 150 W
  • Top opening diameter: 45 mm
  • Dimensions: 370 x 340 x 180 mm
  • Optimal Seal System for better juice extraction
  • Color: dark brown
  • BPA free materials

Please be aware that if you want to produce clear apple juice, it is necessary to use only good hard apples. If softer / older apples are used, the juice will have higher pulp content and therefore will be thicker, more like apple puree. This is a common attribute of all slow juicers.