G21 Paradiso Cube

High quality food dehydrator for home use


Food dehydrator G21 Paradiso Cube was created for simple reduction of water content in foods like fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, meat etc.

Dehydration extends the time of food storage and is also one of the healthiest ways of food preservation. It represents an effective, low cost and healthy alternative to freezing, salting or canning.

The optimal performance and small size of G21 Paradiso Cube make it the perfect dehydrating tool for home use and the right choice for creation of tasty snacks like banana chips, fruit rolls, meat jerky etc. The operation is very simple, the dehydrator features a digital temperature setting, digital display and an On/Off Switch.

G21 Paradiso Cube comes with 6 adjustable trays for your favorite ingredients, each of them can carry up to 1kg of weight. It is recommended to always use high quality, ripe and fresh foods for dehydration. If the fruit is not ripe, the resulting product will not have the right color and consistency. The best time for dehydrating is right after harvesting.


Dehydrator G21 Paradiso Cube guarantees that you will achieve equal dehydration of smaller and also bigger pieces of food.


  • Number of adjustable trays: 6
  • Dimensions: 343 x 343 x 210 mm
  • Power: 350 W
  • Temperature setting range: 40°C – 70°C
  • Digital display
  • Digital timer
  • Simple operation