G21 Harmony Small


Professional compact food dehydrator

Dehydration is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. Using G21 Harmony Small it is possible to dehydrate various kinds of foods from mushrooms, fruits, vegetables and herbs to delicious raw fruits rolls, cereals or flowers. Besides plant based foods you can also use Harmony dryers to dehydrate marinated slices of meat and create healthy, tasty and protein rich snacks known as “jerky”.

The foods inside the dehydrator absorb the generated heat and as a result release moisture in form of steam. It is very important to choose correct temperature and continually check the foods in order to achieve the best result and preserve all important nutrients and enzymes. If the foods are exposed to temperatures that are too high, the enzymes might get destroyed. On the other hand, if the temperature used is too low, the food might get spoiled.


Dehydration is an alternative to other ways of long term preservation, like freezing, salting or canning, but in comparison to these methods it is less costly. Dehydrator G21 Harmony Small guarantees fast and equal dehydration of all foods thanks to the dehydrating system using horizontal air flow and thermostat for correct temperature setting.


It is recommended to always use high quality, ripe and fresh foods for dehydration. If the fruit is not ripe, the resulting product will not have the right color and consistency. The best time for dehydrating is right after harvesting.


The main advantage of dehydrating your own food is that you have full control over the ingredients and content of the resulting food. You don’t need to add sugar, coloring or preservatives. Correctly dehydrated fruits are delicious, rich in enzymes, easy to store and they make it possible to enjoy your favorite foods also in the off-season.


An important part of the process is also rehydration. While dehydration removes moisture from food, rehydration is a process that returns moisture back and helps to get it back to its original condition.

Dehydrator G21 Harmony Small is very popular especially among RAW food enthusiasts, because it preserves the nutrients and enzymes that would otherwise be lost during cooking, frying or baking.


The dehydrator comes with 8 dehydrating plates and 8 fine inserts for smaller ingredients.


  • Number of trays: 8
  • Fine grit for dehydration of small ingredients
  • Tray dimensions: 37 x 29 cm
  • Power: 630 W
  • Temperature regulator: 32°C – 68°C
  • Microprocessor driven digital display
  • Dimensions: 46 x 33 x 27,5 cm
  • Digital timer
  • Equal dehydration of small and bigger pieces of food
  • Simple operation