G21 Vitalstick

Multifunctional immersion blender G21 VitalStick with unbelievable power, quiet operation, uniquely build blade system, durable metal body and wide range of accessories is an extremely useful tool for every household.

Useful power

In order to make the VitalStick as effective as possible, we equipped it with the powerful 800 W motor that makes it possible to blend effortlessly even harder ingredients like celery or carrots.

3D Quattro Blade technology

G21 VitalStick comes with the unique “3D Quattro blade” system which ensures perfect blending of your food. The material, shape and special treatment of the blades inside the G21 VitalStick enable the blender to blend the ingredients on 4 different levels simultaneously. The blades operate under 4 different angles, therefore they work more effectively and also blend the food faster helping to reduce the produced heat and time necessary for the preparation of your food.


  • Power: 800 W
  • 3D Quattro blade system
  • RPM regulation
  • Quiet operation
  • Colors: Black, Red/ Black
  • Dimensions: 20 x 5,5cm
  • Length of stainless steel attachment: 20,5 cm
  • Weight: 1,86 kg
  • Chopping container volume: 0,5 l
  • Blending and whipping container volume: 0,6 l
  • Package contents:
    • G21 VitalStick blender
    • Stainless steel 3D Quattro Blade attachment
    • Whipping attachment
    • Puree attachment
    • Chopping container
    • Blending and whipping container
    • Stand

Gradual RPM setting

You can use the rotary RPM controller to gradually adjust the speed of the blender blades. There is also the option to conveniently switch to max RPM just by pushing the TURBO button when you need the extra power for just a couple of seconds.

Perfect ergonomics and quality materials

The whole body of G21 VitalStick is made of metal. The shape and placement of control buttons and dial were designed to offer a comfortable grip and operation. To further improve the user experience and storage, G21 VitalStick comes with a practical stand that fits the blender with all of its accessories.

Packaging and accessories

Included in the packaging is the body of the blender, blending, whipping and puree attachments, chopping container, whipping container and stand. Both containers are transparent, include practical measuring scales and as well as the rest of accessories can be washed in a dishwasher.