G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality


Advanced professional blender with automated smart functions

Model G21 Smart Smoothie offers the same technical precision and quality workmanship as our Perfect Smoothie Vitality model and also adds a digital LCD display and automatic programs for faster setting and greater user comfort.

The pre-programmed buttons of Smart Smoothie are used for quick selection and preparation of selected foods: Soups / Sauces / Vegetables / Smoothies / Soy milk / Nuts. These buttons will automatically start the system with optimal speed (RPM) selection and will also set the ideal time of processing for some ingredients. This will result in more comfort and enhanced user experience.


High quality and powerful multi-functional blender G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality is the automated version of our popular second generation of blenders and it easily manages to blend any kind of food and always achieves excellent results. In addition to mixing, blending, grinding and cutting, G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality can also handle fruit snacks for children, cocktails, desserts, ice creams, smoothies, sorbets or spreads. Thanks to its enormous power and high quality blades Smart Smoothie Vitality is perfectly suited for RAW diet.

Thanks to the quality blades and powerful moto G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality can blend all kinds of ingredients very finely. This model has also improved blade and bearings cooling, which results into even less generated heat. I comparison to our first generation blender, the G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality also comes with an improved noise isolation.

G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality comes with a 100% BPA free container with volume of 2,5 liters which makes it sufficient for mixing bigger pieces of foods without the need to cut them into smaller parts. It is made ​​of a safe and durable material – Tritan Copolyester, which is suitable for use with both hot and cold foods. The container material ​​does not absorb the scent or taste of the food, therefore it can be used to prepare homemade soups or sauces without any concerns. It is very important that the container also does not release any substances into your food, as might be the case with lower quality plastics.

Included in the packaging is also an ergonomic stamper which will help you blend the foods faster and a practical lid with top opening that makes it convenient to add foods or ingredients during blending.



  • Power: 1 680 W
  • RPM: 10 000 – 32 000
  • Color options: white, graphite black
  • Container volume: 2,5 l
  • Smaller 0,9 l container available separately
  • Container temperature resistance: -40 °C – 120 °C
  • Container material: Tritan Copolyester
  • Automated smart functions
  • Overheating safety switch
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 57 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • 2 + 2 years extended warranty


Cocktails & mixing

Using the G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality, fruit and vegetable cocktails can be prepared literally within a couple of seconds. Due to its unique blending system, high performance and quality blades that literally crush food into small pieces, Smart Smoothie can maintain cell structure of blended fruits and vegetables and thus provide the human body more vitamins and their faster absorption.

In addition, the blender can blend foods containing tough fiber, which is usually not possible with regular less powerful blenders. An example of such food containing beneficial nutrients and vitamins and very difficult to blend for regular blenders are carrot tops, which using G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality can be blended into a creamy smooth juice suitable even for small children.

Compared to juices prepared in regular juicers, with Smart Smoothie Vitality you will turn your fruits and vegetables into creamy, smooth and foamy juice full of valuable fiber.

Ice creams

Preparing homemade ice cream with Smart Smoothie Vitality is very simple. Its blades work so fast that the frozen ingredients will not have enough time to melt but will only be fine whipped into a fluffy ice cream. The whole process takes just a few seconds and Smart Smoothie with good ingredients will be all you need to serve a delicious ice cream during hot summer months.

Using our blender, canned fruit can turn into delicious fruit syrups that are a perfect to use as a topping with your ice cream, waffles or pancakes.


Preparation of hot soups full of healthy nutrients in Smart Smoothie Vitality is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You can turn broccoli, peas or lentils into a creamy soup and avoid incomplete blending using the immersion blender, splashed kitchen table, spillovers from one pot to another and loads of dirty dishes. Just throw all the soup ingredients into the blender and start mixing, add your favorite spices for the best taste and the soup will be hot and ready after 5-6 minutes.
There are many more ways how to use your G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality blender such as preparation of sauces, snacks, tasty toppings, smoothies, or grinding of meat or nuts.

G21 Smart Smoothie Vitality is not only an ideal blender for use at home but thanks to its construction and quality materials it can be also used for commercial purposes such as at cafes and restaurants.