G21 Baby Smoothie

Smoothie maker G21 Baby Smoothie will take care of the healthy lifestyle of your whole family and will help you prepare the most delicious smoothies as healthy snack, for your fitness program or just to replenish your energy after a sport performance.

Best in class parameters

G21 Baby Smoothie is the newest member of our blender family and it brings the power of 1 200 W and 20 000 RPM and a glass container with volume of 1,8 l. These specifications make the G21 Baby Smoothie the king of its category and brings a tremendous bang for your buck.

As with other G21 blenders, the container of G21 Baby Smoothie has a lid with top opening for insertion of ingredients during blending and also comes with a practical stamper.


  • Power: 1 200 W
  • RPM: 20 000
  • Color options: stainless steel, graphite black
  • Container volume: 1,8 l
  • Container material: Glass
  • Container temperature resistance: -0°C – 60°C
  • Plastic stamper
  • Lid with top opening
  • Automated buttons: Ice-Crush, AutoClean, Smoothie
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 43 cm
    • Blender diameter: 19 cm
    • Container diameter: 15 cm
    • Weight: 4,2 kg

Simple control

Controls of G21 Baby Smoothie are very simple – there are 3 programmed buttons and a rotary RPM controller that gives you the option to modify the RPM in chosen program:

  • Ice-Crush” will help you crush ice in the most effective way and prepare delicious cool fruit snacks for hot summer days in a matter of seconds.
  • AutoClean” will ensure correct and fast cleaning of your blender after you finished with preparation of your healthy snack
  • Smoothie” button is self-explanatory and will simply start the process of preparation of your smoothie



Quality blades

Quality blades are crucial for quick and perfect blending of ingredients. G21 Baby Smoothie comes with 4 blades that were specially treated in order to achieve their reliability and optimal performance while chopping, blending and crushing of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Which model should I choose?

If you are looking for a blender for the toughest ingredients, we recommend you to take a look at our professional G21 Perfect Smoothie line. G21 Baby Smoothie is an ideal choice for customers who are looking to mainly blend fruit and vegetable smoothies or as an additional smaller blender to accompany their bigger and more powerful G21 Perfect Smoothie for example during travelling or on trips.