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Regardless of which particular way of healthy lifestyle you prefer, regular consumption of raw fruits and vegetables will without a doubt play a significant role in your daily eating routine, thanks to the high content of valuable enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other quality nutrients. In order to ensure the most effective absorption of these substances, it is often necessary to process raw fruits and vegetables in a particular way – whether it is juicing, blending or dehydrating.

The choice of quality equipment for this task is as important as the choice of a quality source of your food. In fact, quality processing significantly increases the amount of absorbed nutrients while reducing the overall effort your digestive tract has to expend in the process.

The reason why we created the G21 brand was to introduce products of professional quality and performance and make them available to all people interested in healthier eating and living. We have invested tremendous amount of work and effort into design and production of these products and we are confident that they will be reliable companions on your personal journey to improving your health and increasing your overall quality of life.